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04-10-2011, 11:29 PM
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I'm not sure where the thought process of "The players don't care" comes from, since I'm fairly certain it wasn't in my letter. Looking over it again, I've got "commentary on fan loyalty", "discussion of past events", "repeating history", and "hypocritical lipservice", but "not caring" isn't a part of it.

If the players care more about the well-being of this team than the fans (and I'm sure they do. Their paychecks depend on it.), and if they take losses like the one Saturday harder than the fans (and I really think that depends on the two people being compared), then how do they allow something like Saturday to happen. Again. There's zero reason the players that went through 08 would allow it to happen again, if they took that 08 loss harder than the fans.

Either way, I'll clean the letter up, maybe make the message a little clearer, ask a couple questions to give him something to respond to (assuming I don't get blown off completely), and wait a couple weeks to send it off. I'll keep the board updated if I get a response. Any JR commentary that's not etched in doublespeak would be refreshing.

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