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04-11-2011, 01:17 AM
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Originally Posted by yankeeking View Post
ok since you brought it up, this board is so full of *****es,and not surprising that most of the losers are from orange county home of the front running greatest team ever in april and may angels, that it isn't near as much of go to site as it use to be......this is sports so save your loser ways by saying how much of a realist you are or how great every other team is or how smart every other coach is, did you see today that the redwings played as hard in a meaningless game as they they always do, and some here were saying no way they win and we would be stuck in eighth,right again losers this is sports and every team and every player comes to play and anything is possible and don't say its the wings because in a way meaningless game minnesota ousted the stars.......I've been coming to this site for 5-6 years and posting for four but this season it seems we are in so sort of negative aura here I sincerely wonder why you guys follow the kings at all, we just had a 98 point season and all some can say is we won alot of shootouts, not the teams fault thats how they decide games, hell some teams that are ahead of us have 11 or more loser points to our six again its how its decided, wasn't going to post here because its a waste of time we use to talk hockey more than cry about things and sometimes I think we forget it takes teams years to learn how to win together, look at the canuks and the sharks teams that have been cup favorites for years and still haven't won anything......I am not saying you can't voice concerns over thing but almost half that voted in this poll do not think we can even win one game, way to think positive and your avatars say believe but clearly you don't, we aren't playing the early eighties islanders or the 86 oilers hell this team had a hard time winning the division and got extended by the av's last year........heres to shocking the fanbase and beating these guys in six
Not REALLY what sure what was said here, but I believe the gist of it is to have faith in your good hockey team.. I agree with that 100%.

Go Kings Go!

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