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04-11-2011, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Anton Bomb View Post
If the players care more about the well-being of this team than the fans (and I'm sure they do. Their paychecks depend on it.), and if they take losses like the one Saturday harder than the fans (and I really think that depends on the two people being compared), then how do they allow something like Saturday to happen. Again. There's zero reason the players that went through 08 would allow it to happen again, if they took that 08 loss harder than the fans.
This has got to be one of the dumbest posts i've ever seen on HF and that is truly saying something. What are you talking about 'allowing' it to happen. Did the Caps 'allow' the Habs to beat them last year? Did the number 1 seed Bruins 'allow' the Canes to beat them in 09? There are two teams playing in every game, the teams compete and thats it. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That's sports and its pretty simple.

And why the hell do you keep bringing up the end of 08. The shots were 46-17 in favor of Carolina you're out of you mind if you think they 'allowed' the Panthers to win. That game has no bearing or relevance to anything. They couldn't have played any harder or better they just ran into hot goaltending

I'm not sure why their play suddenly turned to **** that night, but let's not act like they played well. They really didn't get a good grasp on the game until after it was already 3-0, and even then, good portions of even-strength play was controlled by Tampa.
Hmm so you mean the performance of the other team has a bearing on the result of the game? Interesting, I thought it only came down to Carolina deciding if they are going to allow the other team to win or not.

And yes, it's Tampa and they're a playoff team, but that didn't prevent Carolina from shutting out a much more dangerous playoff team in Detroit just a few days earlier. And I don't remember a single breakaway/odd man rush that game, compared to the multitude on Saturday.
Ignoring the fact that the Canes 'shutting down' Detroit consisted of giving up 40 shots and having Ward stand on his head, I have to wonder if you have ever played sports before. Athletes don't perform exactly the same way and the fact that every game is unique is surprising to you? I honestly cannot believe what I'm reading. This is beyond ridiculous. With your logic in in the playoffs the team that wins Game 1 should also win games 2, 3, and 4 and by the same exact score, correct?

Either way, I'll clean the letter up, maybe make the message a little clearer, ask a couple questions to give him something to respond to (assuming I don't get blown off completely), and wait a couple weeks to send it off. I'll keep the board updated if I get a response. Any JR commentary that's not etched in doublespeak would be refreshing.
You can't honestly that self-important to be expecting the GM of an NHL team to read and respond can you?

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