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04-11-2011, 01:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Arjun View Post
I don't see whats wrong with chirping? If you play a clean game, and you can back up your words I say, say whatever you like. Agitators really do have a place in hockey more the Perry type than Carcillo I'd say. Guys who take you off your game by shadowing you and talking smack, and then while your all flustered go and score that big goal. Words do a lot to take a guy off their game, its just annoying when you've got a guy following you around hacking and slashing you (not getting any calls against him) and just talking smack, those are the guys who get hurt.
Awhile back a defenseman ran his mouth at me all game over a ****** play I made in the 1st. Since that game I've been as rough as possible with that guy in the corners and bust my ass to ruin his nights. Unless you just enjoy making enemies and encouraging the other team to play harder, you probably want to keep your mouth shut; especially in a game with as many psychopaths as hockey seems to attract.

A couple of years ago a guy who was known throughout the league as a hot head, whiner, cheap shotter and trash talker got all 4 of his tires slashed after a game. Worst part for him was that he was such a ****** that his own team didn't want him after the season was over, obviously neither did anyone else, so he had to find a new hobby

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