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04-11-2011, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
im trolling because your post is badly written, biased to the extreme and free of even the most basic facts.

ok, so he goes through a slump and we have to dump him, is that right? so by that rational we should have dumped Subban before Christmas? oh, he's a rookie so that's ok? well, so is DD. or should we have traded Gionta for a bag of used pucks because he had a bad start? double standard.

and im not even talking the quality of his wingers.

probably not, nobody in their right mind will say that this is what we have. although i'll say this (GP - G - A - P - PIM):
199899 Saint John Flames AHL 53 28 34 62 30
199899 Calgary Flames NHL 13 1 1 2 10
199900 Saint John Flames AHL 17 15 11 26 14
199900 Calgary Flames NHL 56 3 15 18 22
200001 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 78 18 22 40 12
200102 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 53 16 19 35 20
200203 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 82 33 37 70 32

this is the stats of the almighty Martin St-Louis. notice a patten here? dominates the ahl but struggles in the nhl. took st-louis a good 4 seasons to become the player that he is today.

here is another set of stats:
200910 Hamilton Bulldogs AHL 60 27 51 78 23
200910 Montreal Canadiens NHL 6 0 1 1 0
2010-11 Hamilton Bulldogs AHL 35 10 35 45 24
2010-11 Montreal Canadiens NHL 43 8 14 22 12

those are the stats of Desharnais. see a pattern? i do. im certainly not saying that we are sitting on the next martin st-louis here, but what those stats mean that right now, he's 40 odd point player playing 3rd/4th line minute and playing with 3rd/4th line quality wingers.

he's got no role? right now, his role is supplementary scoring and checking. which he is doing very well by the way. do you really think that anybody else would be producing more if they were to replace him?

at this point im not even sure pleks could wake pouliot up

and come to think of it: what do you think is the role of the 3rd and 4th line?

see, this is where you losing whatever credibility you might have had before. defensive liability? really? do you even watch the games or just blindly follow whatever you read/hear/watch in the media? or maybe his 5'7 frame hides the tv set so you can't quite follow what's going on?

has it ever occurred to you that he plays more pp minutes than eller because he simply IS better than eller on the pp at this point?

and who's to say he's not in the future plans of the canadiens at this point? he's played 43 games.

really? he's "bouncing from team to team"? are you aware that the canadiens is his first team in the nhl right? oh, and to indulge your ignorance even more, i checked: 4 teams in his entire pro career starting in chicoutimi.

say who?

oh, and to indulge you again, i checked, 5 NHL team in his entire career! i thought you didn't like players that bounce from team to team?

and his career high is 32 points. DD would have more than that if he had played a full season.

and now pyatt doesn't have a role with us?

i've had enough of your ignorant drivel

comfort yourself in the knowledge that i just wasted 20 minutes of my life to prove you're full of it

ill have to agree with you bigtime

but just because its happened to a similar player in st louis doesnt mean it will happen again

BUT, its a very good comparison, and st louis RLY didnt get all that great until he was something like 28 yrs old! and desharnais is 24, so i think its definately worth taking a shot on him to stay a while, weve SEEN flashes of brilliance

and the same can be said about eller, we CAN move on with plekanec eller and desharnais as 3 centers, its gomez thats the problem, martin cant HELP but keep giving him our star wingers to play with, the team will not get over any humps until gomez is the official 3rd line center playing with guys like moen and darche, or until he is off the team

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