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08-07-2005, 11:12 AM
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Where have people been the last 5 years? Here are some facts.....

- Pens will not use revenue shareing
- Pens were one of the few teams who didn't lose lots of money in 03-04 season
- Pens have been preparing for years, got rid of high salarys to stay afloat (break even)
- Pens have been building their youth from within
- Pens had good draft selections
- Pens had a lower 20 million dollar payroll
- Pens have a new investor with increased revenue projected (ticket sales+)
- Pens will now have a 30 million dollar payroll

Smart financial planning, building talented youth from within, lucky lottery pick, Mario return, signing of UFA, excited hockey fans in greater pittsburgh area increases ticket sales.

This did not happen over night folks. I remeber when people were making fun of the Pens years ago for the decisions they were making. Now that it is finally paying off, everyone forgets all the suffering and sacrifices that were made.

The Pens are finally being rewarded for it and ready for the New NHL.

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