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04-11-2011, 03:04 AM
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HF Boards/SJ Playoff Pool

I hope this is alright as its own thread. I will once once again (for SJ posters, this is new for HF posters) be running a SJ Boards/HF Boards playoff pool. No stakes, just for fun.

5 points for each correct team picked minus the difference in games between your pick and the actual result. Zero points if the team is incorrect.

You Pick: Bruins in 6
The Bruins win the series in 7

You would get 5 points for picking the correct winner minus 1 point for being off one game = 4 points.

You must pick a winner for each series before the series starts and the number of games you think the series will run.*

*If you want to abstain from picking your own team, that's fine. Just make a note of it and I'll award 3 points if your team wins the series, and 0 points if your team loses the series.

I will be posting standings at the end of each round.


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