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04-11-2011, 05:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
I have just posted this on the main board, but thats a good reason to believe, i think, for us.

Record against playoff teams :

Regulation Wins - OT/SO Wins - OT/SO Losses - Regulation Losses - (Points%)

San Jose : 20-6-5-13 (0.647)
Nashville : 17-4-7-12 (0.612)
Montréal : 17-6-4-14 (0.609)
Washington : 14-6-8-12 (0.600)
Chicago : 16-5-7-13 (0.597)
Tampa Bay : 15-6-4-15 (0.575)
Anaheim : 18-6-2-18 (0.568)
Philadelphia : 16-4-6-15 (0.560)
Vancouver : 14-3-7-13 (0.554)
New York : 13-8-3-16 (0.562)
Pittsburgh : 13-8-4-17 (0.547)
Detroit : 15-6-5-17 (0.546)
Buffalo : 12-8-5-17 (0.535)
Boston : 18-1-7-17 (0.523)
Los Angeles : 15-6-3-20 (0.511)
Phoenix : 15-3-9-18 (0.500)

Maybe that doesnt mean anything, but just for the sake of it.

This possibly means that Detroit could be not as good as we think, especially considering that they won at least 24-25 games during the last 2, they have more losses than wins in regulation. They are definitely not as good as months ago, but will it be enough ?

LA and Phoenix seems to be suffering all season long against good teams, whereas Nashville and Chicago are candidates for an upset.

Boston is on the bottom, but thats also because of their dreadful record in OT/SO. Maybe it means they have a tough time dealing with the pressure ? With the good Montreal's record, potential upset here, too.

Pittsburgh has won...two regulation games against a playoff team since February, both against Buffalo...they absolutely need Crosby.
(they have won 5 games in OT/SO, though...but in playoffs, doesnt matter. And they have lost 10 games in that span)

And according to that sample, it could well be San Jose's year.

(Washington is good right now, yes, but on their 6 wins, only 2 are in regulation...SO doesnt matter in playoffs.
Whereas Buffalo is actually really hot, with 5 wins in March+April, just like Vancouver.
4 points in 7 games for the Flyers, 8 losses for Detroit, they are probably resting for the playoffs.)

But, after all, this could mean absolutely nothing at all.
Also last years stint in the playoffs was kind of a fluke. I can't say the Habs are capable of doing that again. Not because of Halak, because I think Price can do just aswell if not better, but because we are hammered on D, our workhorses were Gorges, Gill, Spacek, Cammy, etc.... I have all the faith in the world and I want us to do well but I just can't see us doing what we did last year again simply because we don't have the firepower. Gomez = the invisible man, And Cammy needs to get it going desperately. Teams have gotten better, stronger, more offensive, and we have relatively the same top 6 as last year, which isn't so great, I seriously doubt our own firepower.

I'll probably get slagged for posting this but I can't help it when I see our roster comparing to other teams, character does go a long way, but so does goal scoring and shot blocking, which is what we'll need to master if we plan on going deep.

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