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04-11-2011, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by n1cON View Post
@ AVS-Fan --> means when we meet you sponsor a beer just kidding, hope we all can make the trip and enjoy the game with much fellas as possible
Dang, I'm not even sure if I can afford the trip and now beer's on me too?! Gah! :p
I would imagine it'll be a terrific experience. Provided Rangers won't lose 5-0

Chimp's suggestion regarding couchsurfing is a great one too! That's definitely something you should look into. I love the idea regarding it. With luck, you'll find a hockey/Rangers -fan!

..too bad they didn't play at least one game in Göteborg (Gothenburg), where Hank would've received some extra standing ovations.
I don't know if there's actually any legit source other than hearsay, but it's been rumored that they would in fact play a training game (or two?) against the King's old club, Frölunda. His brother is captain of the said team, so that would be something.

Oh, and a question to the Swedes; is the traveling card when it comes to buses mandatory nowadays across Sweden? I ran into troubles in Malmö and Norrköping this past summer as they both required for you to have card to travel with buses, cash wouldn't be accepted. Of course Stockholm has underground system so it's probably tad easier there.

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