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04-11-2011, 09:21 AM
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Honestly I don't think Dats has had a dominant playoff season yet. He has had 3 very solid ones, but at no time did I really believe him to be the teams best forward in the playoffs over the past 5 years. Now with that said I fully expect him to take that mantle this year.

For the first time Dats is entering the playoffs at a good level of health and in the past 5 years he has become much more of a shooter. That is huge in regards to him finally being able to obtain beast mode. An unhealthy Dats is not nearly as effective as a healthy one. Possibly more so than any other superstar in the league. His game is based so much on precision and acceleration/ skate control, that if he is injured his game drops off dramatically. You take away his quickness and he can't juke guys out of their jocks, and he gets hit a lot more. In contrast a healthy Dats might just be the most dynamic and best player in the league.

He has also become much more of a gamechanger on his own, over the past 5 seasons. It used to be that if you eliminated Dats' linemates you eliminated most of his game. He was a pass first player and required very skilled/ knowledgeable linemates to really succeed. That is no longer the case. While Dats still does prefer to pass he is more along the lines of 60/40 in terms of pass shoot than the 85/15 he used to be. This keeps teams honest in regards to hounding his linemates. In general he has somewhat simplified his offensive game and it allows him to play better with grinder mentalities. It took he and Homer years to really find chemistry sans Zetterberg, and in that time he has learned how to play with non stars. It also doesn't hurt that he has one of the best wristers in the game, and is finally using it with some consistency.

No one has seen this Pavel Datsyuk yet....

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