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04-11-2011, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Newhabfan View Post
Where does this hate come from ?

Ever since we clinched I see a lot of whining, complaining and generally *****ing about our team. Why is it like this ? Was it always there and I just ignored it before ?

Martin ruined Subban's progression. Gomez sucks and needs to go to the AHL. We have no goal scorers. We barely made it to the playoffs. SK and Dago are gods elsewhere. We won't have money to pay our D-men (and, of course, the one we won't sign is the one we absolutely need - like Souray or Komisarek a while ago). Now it's DD who is guilty of not stealing a top 6 playmaker spot in the 30-40 games he played. It's obvious he sucks - right ? Like Darche did. And Pyatt and White.

As long as he's not a danger on the D-side, he respects the game plan, and he can create some attack occasionally - I don't see why DD would not have his secured place.

My only explanation is that a lot of lurkers from other forums stepped up and try to establish here. Well, it's not the way to do it if you'll ask me.
Playoff time gets ridiculous, seriously ridiculous. Alot of lurkers come out of the woodwork, and there are more new members too, most of them dont always even stay. When really it should be the most upbeat and purely for fun time on these boards, it turns into a mess haha. I avoid coming on here after losses during the playoffs.

Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
now let's see if he can up his game next season.
I am more interested to see how he does in the playoffs.

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