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04-11-2011, 10:10 AM
Mr Whipple
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Honestly, I just don't see the point of sending a letter like this. I understand your frustration, but this just isn't the way to handle it.

Much more constructive would be a letter saying we enjoyed seeing a lot of the new young talent playing this season and overachieving in a rebuild year, but since we ended up so close asking JR to go out and get the necessary pieces in free agency that would make them a team that could compete for the Cup next season. (Though that would likely be a waste of time looking back on the history of the Canes in FA...)

This isn't really comparable to 08. That season the Canes had been in playoff position and completely collapsed at the end to allow the Caps (who were a polar opposite on fire) to steal their hopes away.

Some may want to go back to the thread about playoff avatars this season where most on this board were saying the team was going to bomb its way down to as low as 13th in the East. I could see 9th place as being the final destination back then. Maybe that's why I'm not so upset now. I knew they'd go on a run to get back into contention, but I never expected much more than it coming down to the last game of the season. This team finally got rid of a lot of dead weight this season and played a bunch of the young guys like we've been hoping for the past few years. We've rounded the corner. Now is the time to push forward. Next season it is time to win.

That's the message that is needed. Not "you better play better at home or we'll stop showing up!" My response to a letter like that would be "Really? Wow, and here I thought you fans were like Toronto's. I guess we better start winning."

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