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04-11-2011, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
So the fans who are viewing this coming debacle objectively and dispassionately are "negative nellies"? Is that what being an LA Kings fan has come down to...just being a blind cheerleader with a skirt and pom poms?
Ummm.. yeah. That is exactly what it is always about. And you'd look great in a skirt btw. Like in 2006/2007 when I knew the Kings would probably suck balls, I still bought season tickets. I knew they were probably going to lose games but I went to the games and yelled "lets go Kings!" in unison with 16,000 other idiots and on a few occasion there were 18,118 there. Maybe you were there? Although, I don't know why you would've wasted your time when you knew they were going to lose all along.

You really should get off your high horse and enjoy something that is supposed to a hobby, something that is a pleasant part of your life. We aren't talking about world affairs and politics, we're talking about entertainment.

I have no illusions that the Kings are the better team on paper personnel-wise. I do think they can still win the series and be the better team. That is why they play the games you know. If you really think they are going to lose, don't bother watching.

You are probably one of the people that left early during the "royal rebound" or whatever they call it. Sure it was one game, a regular season one at that, but you probably packed it in after the 2nd period. I'm gonna watch these game and expect the Kings to win every one of them. Maybe I'll be disappointed in the end but at least I'm not a sad sack with a grey cloud following me every where expecting failure. You are a glass half empty type of guy, I'm a lets empty my full glass kinda guy.

Originally Posted by tomd View Post
It will be great if they win this series...but the odds are astronomically against them. It will be a moral victory if they can take the series to more than 5 games.

A double moral victory if Penner gets a point or two.
Right now the Kings are even in the series, take your defeatest mentality and get lost. I'm not kidding, take a two weeks off if you think they are going to lose. Once that happens, we'll be back here, same bat time, same bat channel only the topic will be "fire Terry Murray" or "Dean Lombardi this".


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