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04-11-2011, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by GaryLivingston View Post
Holy ****, you fans are really lame and not fun. Who cares what the odds are. At least support your team and have some fun. It's the playoffs! I don't care if we get swept. I'm going to the damn games (even if I have to pay and I'm not shooting) and I'm going to lose my damn voice and wear a home made GIANT beard and tell Niemi he sucks and is going to choke and fulfill the Sharks legacy of early elimination!

Even if Niemi shuts us out each game..I'm going to heckle the crap out of him and I'm going to do all I can to get everyone around me to cheer.


BECAUSE IT IS THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have some heart and fun! You jackasses.

Anyhow...stubhub is great. Craigslist is too the day before. Lots of scalpers are always roaming around Figueroa in front of Staples too.

Thanks, Oilfan, for being a better LA fan than these bum outs.
Amen! Gary Livingston for Kings fan of the year!

What a bunch of mopey sad sacks around here. Grab a tissue, a snuggie and go cuddle with a romance novel and one of your 18 cats in the corner why we watch the Kings in the playoffs!

How many years of piss poor hockey do people have to watch that they will actually get excited when they get to watch some playoff games for a change? I don't care how depleted the roster is, how inept our coach may or may not be and how good the opponent is, I'm going to watch the games with the expectation that the Kings win the series. That is the goal right?

And as far as tickets go, you should be able to find a single for fairly cheap although I've never tried to buy playoff tickets from a scalper. If you really want to go, I'd buy something up front. I'm pretty sure ticketmaster still has singles in the nose bleeds. If you don't care and are on a tight budget, maybe you'll get one for $20 or $30 the day of the game but I wouldn't hold my breath. Maybe somebody will offer something up on these boards?

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