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04-11-2011, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Bob has kept this Flyers team in more than a few games... so has Boucher, for that matter. We've gotten good goaltending this year. Are they All-Stars? No... but they've performed well for this club. Many of Bob's problems are stuff that will improve with experience and coaching (like, he should have come out and played that puck on the Grabner goal).

Bob posted a .915 this year, and I don't see why we shouldn't expect him to hold around that level if not improve. He's extremely quick down low, and definitely has a high compete level. There are holes, but they will improve... you also don't get used to the long season by not playing the long season.

Vokoun has been a solid .920ish guy for a slew of years now, Bryz has done it 3 of the last 4 years.

So, lets assume they post a .920 for us next year... I'm going to assume Bob posts a .915. Over an 82 game schedule, that matters a good bit... but it's only marginal. We allowed 2,468 SOG this year... .005 equates to 12 goals. Probably a few points in the standings.

When you transfer that to playoff expectations it's even further reduced as far as impact due to the randomness of small samples.
While I agree we got good goaltending all year for the most hasn't been outstanding. When the D is lax..good is not enough as we've seen the last couple of months. Good with a lax D means overtimes and shootout losses. Luckily the latter won't be a factor in the playoffs but I suspect a lot of OT's. If the Flyers tighten up the D the games will be close with good goaltending but the difference in winning a series is outstanding goaltending and goalies that can steal games and a series. Maybe Bob can do that and Boucher has shown he can do it for a series or two but the both of them are still suspect for the long haul. We shall see but I would have felt more than marginally comfortable with a goalie like Bryz or Vokoun or Tim Thomas for that matter...

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