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Originally Posted by Brentbreakaway23 View Post
Reminds me of what happened a couple of weeks ago during our state's High School hockey tournament:

There was a player against the boards who got nailed. There was a guy who got blindsided from what I recall didn't have much to do with the initial hit. After he made his check with the play stopped and the refs trying to get control of the game, the guy got blindsided.

He also got a broken jaw. The guy who hit him left the bench.

Both players will be given a permanent suspension from USA Hockey. Meaning that, odds are they won't be playing any organized hockey after this game.

You can read more about the story here:

Let me just say that sometimes before our beer league games we see some High School hockey games. Those kids definitely play for keeps. I have seen some kids get absolutely nailed along the boards.

I have heard some pretty crazy things about the High School programs down here. There's a lot of politics that go on.
I've never been in a game that got this out of control, but I do have to say that when I played HS hockey it was MASSIVELY more chippy/dirty than any beer league game I've ever played. In my experience there's often some low level chippiness in beer league (that is definitely unnecessary considering it's meant to be non-contact fun), but compared to competitive, full contact minor hockey it is very, very tame.

Maybe I've just been lucky to play in a really great beer league, but for the most part I think most claims of beer league toughness come from guys who have never played competitive, full contact minor hockey, who thus lack some perspective in terms of how rough hockey really can get when you up the stakes and allow contact. Obviously a 2 hander to the head like the one that started this thread is pretty awful, but in 99% of beer league games that I've seen the chippiness is basically just a bit of pushing/shoving, minor hooks and minor slashes, nothing like the dirty hits from behind, high cross checks and other fairly brutal plays that are a fairly common part of competitive, full contact, minor league hockey.

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