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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I see Kozun and Holloway making it and the potential of Toffi making it sooner rather than later too but to me Vey has just as good a shot. If Kozun, Vey, Toffi, Schenn, Holloway, Kitsyn all make the team we will have a ton more offensive power and speed that is for sure.

If they make the team which should happen by the time my time travel situation went down then TM would clearly be the wrong coach for the team and should be or have been canned by then.

Do I think that we will get rid of TM is an excellent question. My concern is that he might have bought himself another season or at least the start of another season due to Kopi and JW going down and even more so when you consider how many changes our line up should have next season.

I am afraid that DL will site this things as the reason to keep TM around but rather or not I think either situation is any more likely is beyond my ability to really say.

I don't know if we will can TM, just that I think that we clearly should.
If in 2 seasons, we have added Schenn, Lotkionov, Kozun, Vey, Toffoli, Holloway, and Kitsyn, that's a huge turnabout, that means we lose, Smyth, Stoll, Handzus, Ponikarovsky, for sure....then who? Simmonds, Brown, Lewis, Westgarth, Williams? etc...

Regardless, if all six of those make it, wouldn't you think Murray would be the perfect coach, assuming that they need to learn the defensive game first...or the defensive system,

You are talking about 50% of the forwards being 2nd year or rookies, and such, they are going to need a year or two just to learn the defensive system.

If that's the case, you are probably looking at Murray being here the next 3-4 years easily,

That's just assuming that Murray doesn't change his offensive system due to personnel, as I agree, with those 6 up, and Kopitar, Williams, Penner, etc, the system would have to change, I just don't see Kozun going down to bump in the corner to get possession.

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