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10-14-2003, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Malefic74
Tag-up offsides don't really speed up the game on the ice in terms of increased offense, it usually just means fewer faceoffs. Two-line off side I really don't have a problem with actually, but it certainly does speed the game up a bit if the Canadian University games I've been watching are any indication.

I have long believed that if the icing rule was modified so that icing would only be called if the puck left the players stick before his own BLUE line, it would open up the neutral zone considerably.

Example: How many times a game do you see a defenceman cross his own blueline, try to pass to a forward on the other side of the red line, the forward misses the pass? The result: Icing. Stop the game go all the way back and start all over again.

Move icing back to the defensive blueline and you will start to see those kinds of passes again that really stretch the neutral zone out. And of course fewer face-offs. Even if the forward misses the pass the worst that could happen is a dump in with at least two guys already going hard into the zone.
I like that idea. I'll also throw in my support for the tag up rule. I don't think that tagging up would change the game dramatically, but it did seem to keep the action going a little more and allowed teams a little more chance to create some offense.

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