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04-11-2011, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
The Capitals are obviously a team full of talent and that deserves a ton of respect. That doesn't worry me though because I don't see the Rangers as a team that fails to respect their opponent.

While the Capitals record to end the season is impressive, let's take a closer look at things.

December is when the Capitals apparently went to their new found defensive system. It was also the month we beat them 7-0 at the Garden. They went on to lose two more after that game, and then reeled off four of five to end the month.

In January they went 5-3-4. Hardly impressive.

In February 6-5-1. The Rangers defeated them 6-0 in Washington the second to last day of the month.

In March is when they "kicked it into gear". 12-2-1 record in that month. If we look closer at those games, 8 of their 12 wins came by one goal. Of the remaining 4 wins, two were decided by 2 goals. The other two wins were a 3-0 victory over the Devils, and a 5-0 whitewash over the worst team in the league, the Edmonton Oilers.

April 3-1. Two one-goal wins over the Sabres in OT and Leafs. A 5-2 win over the Panthers, and then a 1-0 loss to end the season to that same Florida team.

So...what does all this mean?

Well to me it means we've got a team who plays extremely close games every single night out. This isn't the Washington Capitals of old that we need to fear blowing us out of the building. Show respect for Ovechkin and Semin and Backstrom, but this is not the team that we played in 08-09.

This series will be decided by special teams, and that's what makes me less confident. 5 on 5 I have good vibes going into this. Since I don't think we will ever score on a power play, that means our PK must be nearly flawless. Chances of that happening? Not very good, because those are the situations that Hank can't always bail you out on. A deflection, a screen, a rebound that finds a player who isn't covered cause we have one less man on the ice.

But at the end of the day, we're facing a team that has won a TON of one goal games, and we have the best goaltender in the world.

You want to play one goal games against us every night? I'll take Hank every time, and say bring it on.

Let's Go Rangers.
Washington has won 26 1 goal games.

Rangers? 21. I dunno if 5 games is a monumental difference in teh 2 teams. Rangers are good in close games too....with that said I still think the Caps win this one.

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