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04-12-2011, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
On Kozun that is exactly where I see him playing. The guy is tough as nails and will draw a ton of penalties due to his skillset as well.

Also the manner in which each player is brought up will likely differ to varying degrees. I could see Kozun get a call up or two throughout the year before finally sticking. Both Toffi and Vey are likely to spend at least a season in the AHL before making it and Kitsyn too.

The staggering in which the kids are brought along will make it easier for us to bring them onto the big club as well as let us determine exactly how ready they are at the time.

I don't see a scenario where all of them will just step onto the team at once and it is more likely that one or two will take a little longer than another and we have a couple of dark horses who could make it too causing other variables to be brought into play.

What a great situation to be in though.

As to the need to keep TM I would disagree, there are other coaches who can bring kids up/along and even more to the point, by then our core group should have our d system down enough to where it is simply the brand of hockey that we play and furthermore I would think that keeping TM and his 2-1-2 low rotation drop system will be even more antiquated by then. So much so that his being here would be clearly detrimental to our young players development.
Blasphemy, I tell you, its Blasphemay. (Do I really need this )
You cant call this system antiquated.

Also I can't see us keeping TM two more seasons since he hasn't won the cup for us and that would have been more than an ample amount of time for him to have done so.

Of course, if we win the cup under TM this season then I would clearly be proven wrong and that would of course be a best possible case scenario.
You need not worry about that TG, not this season!

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