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04-12-2011, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
On the coaching changes.....

Firing Ruff might be what Buff needs but he has proven himself to be a coach who can change and adapt his system as time goes along as has been evidenced in each of his last few seasons and not only due to the addition/subtraction of players but also in how he took a team that pretty much ran a passive Left Wing Lock leaving the neutral zone to create his o rush into a 3 -1 -1 when he had the horses on the back end and now into another homologation of the LWL with the exception that he runs his center as his late press support or 3V1-1.

Ruff is more of an institution in Buff and with his ability to get allot out of a little I can't see him being moved but, as of now maybe it wouldn't be a terrible idea or at least worthy of discussion.

I would be happy to give the Trotter another year or two in order to see what he can do with a completely healthy and stocked team (stocked with talented players).

Look at the Canucks success and you can see where AV has earned one more try but if the nucks are out before the finals you can bet that they will be looking for a replacement too.

Wilson Shmilson, he is a competent coach but lets see him take that sow's ear further.

My biggest problem with TM is that he isn't a good head coach any longer and that his time has come, it hasn't much to do with the amount of time he has been given to win a cup, it is more to do with the fact that we are seeing the exact same weaknesses that brought him down in Fla and Phi. That with his inability to adapt on the fly are the reasons that he shouldn't be coaching the Kings imo right now.
There you go again. Spouting truth will only get you lambasted.

The Coach is great, The system is perfect and never need be altered. The players just dont perform, or care enough or get it.

I get that some think that TM is greatr because of what he has done, but could any new coach have gone down from where we were with the player additions and player maturations we have had?

If you think this system is good enough to win a championship with, then you're far more perceptive than I am (and no TG -- this isnt me thinking you're thinking this way -- I know better)

Defense wins championships, but the last i looked you needed to be able to score to win and our system played to TM's liking limits that potential. If you cant see that on your own, nothing I can say is going to change that. And the system wont change until the coach does. That's what it means when they say you can't teach an old TM new tricks

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