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Name: Mike

Age: 24

Location: Boston

Fav All time Bruins: Bourque, Samsonov

Fav Current Bruins: All of them? Gun to my head probably Bergeron

Fav Non Bruin Players: Marty St. Louis, Parise, Kesler

Fav Movies: Super Troopers, Happy Gilmore

Music: Sublime, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix

Hobbies: Gym, Drinking, video games. Golf. No good hobbies. used to build/race RC cars but im too poor now.

Fav food: Steak, Pizza, Wings, anything you can grill during the summer

Fav Beer: Bud light/rolling rock/ busch light (the faster you can drink em the better haha).
For taste? Guinness, Harpoon and/or most of the Sam's seasonals.

Fav Bruin moment/how I became a fan: Dads from Russia so it was the only sport I grew up watching really. I got him into all the others.

How long I have been a B's fan: Whole life

Origin of screen name: My buddy used to make up names for things. Bocephus was the name of our beer bong for a while. Kinda stuck around because it was one of his better names.

Jerseys owned: Chuck Kobasew (odd reasoning - I was very drunk at a game and wanted a Jersey, his was the only one they had in my size. Worked out, I like 3rd line speedy grinders. Never see any others too haha.)

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