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Originally Posted by BrentZ10 View Post
I was playing for a pretty elite select team, think sponsors and everything. They even had a cutout poster board of our coach. Anyways, before the tournament got underway we were out at practice just having a good time, trying to stay loose. Someone even brought a beach volleyball out there, so as you can probably guess we were just having a good time in order to get loose for the tournament. All of a sudden, our big rival in the tournament came out and claimed that it was their ice time. Someone even popped our ball.

Anyways, our coach, the one who had the cutout of him, challenged the other teams coach to one on one. This was pretty big because they both had been in the minors before their careers were cut short. So they are going at it and its a real close game. All of a sudden, the other coach, whose nickname when he played was The Doctor or the Dentist or something, slashes our coach! Things got pretty nuts. Luckily someone caught it on video.

Anyways, that is probably the best example I can think of.
No way, I was on this team too! I was actually partying with coach's brother the other weekend, man, that guy has gone completely nuts, his nose redefines the word "vacuum." Like his brother, though, he's all about winning.

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