Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Matt Walker on Re-Entry
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04-12-2011, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
It doesn't matter if he isn't claimed, Homer is playing russian roulette and is going to get his ******* head blown off. Unfortunately, we are Flyer fans, which means the gun is pointed at our heads too.

Homer should be fired for this and Leighton. I renage on my defense of him and am now over with DUHockey9 (not a hater, but not happy either). This is our hockey team and passion he is playing a game of risk with, I'm not cool with that.

I am so pissed right now. Homer, WTF. Matt Walker? For real. That is what you are mortgaging our future on? ****
I am quoting myself to show how I felt before today. This was too much of a risk IMO. If Homer has "inside information" that Walker was going to clear, then good on em. However, from his history (Jones, Gauthier) we know he has been burned before. So, he got away with it, BUT - if he keeps doing this, we will EVENTUALLY lose cap space in future years!

Think about that. We already have an aging team with very little in terms of prospects. We compete because we are spending to the cap and if you take 1 million away from us + 1 million for Laps retirement/LTIR + room required for possible moves during the season, there is NO WAY we can re-sign Leino, we may be forced to trade a D-man and STILL have average goalies.

This was too risky for me. I love the team Homer has assembled, he will always get credit for that. However, his shooter mentality is simply unacceptable. He got lucky. I doubt very much he KNEW Leighton and Walker would clear, I imagine he took a gamble. He is ******* lucky it worked out, otherwise anyone defending these moves would be as furious as I was above.

Today, it is easy to say it wasn't a big deal. But, if it went the other way, think of how HUGE that would have been!

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