Thread: Speculation: 2011 Off-Season Thread pt 1
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04-12-2011, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Starsdude View Post
Richards concussion cost this team dearly long term. I suspect Newy felt given what was offered he would just keep Newy and take his chances. Instead this is the worst possible scenario. This team without Brad has one good line and some decent role players but not enough, a below average defense and an average to below average goalie with a below average farm. The Texas Rangers and Jon daniels especially knew that no money means you have to build through youth. instead we sit. Newy blew it and really has not made one correct assessment since he was here from Lags, to Campbell, to richards, to Crawford, to resigning Barch and Petersen (2 goals Really) to whether we are a playoff team. Even the gogo trade is a push at best as it the Lets signing which at 3 mill was more than Niemi and others got. I give him Adam Burnish (congrats). We will be lucky to save the franchise here if this continues.
You're either high or not watching the games if you think the Goligoski trade was anything but positive for this team.

Originally Posted by Starsdude View Post
So yall really think Newy is good?
To say, as you did in the Crawford Fired thread, that Nieuwy 'shouldn't have hired him in the first place' you're muddling the picture. I didn't like the hire pretty much from the drop of the hat but as with most things you can pre-judge and then sit back and see how things marinade. I don't see how you can possibly not give Joe credit for acknowledging the mistake and moving forward. To keep reaching back and harping on past decisions when they have been dealt with is petty.

Joe still has a lot of work to do.

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