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First up the fowards...

Ben Guite - C Guite missed some time due to a lower body (foot/ankle) injury. Never really got going offensively after that. He had a good few weeks whent he Kubalik-Guite-Calvert line clicked, but not much else this season.

Tomas Kana - B- Missed most of the season due to injuries. Showed show offensively ability but was not given linemates that could help. Can check well for the smaller player. Willing to stand up for his teammates and drop the gloves when needed.

Chris D'alvise - A- Prior to his season-ending injury he was one fo the top Falcons players.A great pick up from the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL. Good speed.

Mike Blunden - B Blunden started the season well offensively for the Falcons, as time went on his scoring cooled down. Just prior to his season-ending shoulder injury he had found his offensive game again. His scoring drought was not related to a bad performance on ice, just seemed like he was truly snake-bitten for awhile.

Cam Atkinson - A Impressive in the few games he played for the Falcons. He had good speed and always is going hard to the goal.

Aaron Bogosian - B He is a smaller player at 6' 190, I again say he's 5'10" probably. Willing to fight bigger players and lay his body on the line for the team (as shown by his fractured ankle Saturday night). He probably won't put up much offense, but would be a good 4th liner.

Greg Moore - C- Did not bring much to the team offensively and was not a great 3rd/4th liner. Pretty forgettable performance while here.

Maksim Mayorov - C- He floats 90% of the time and still put up OK offensive #'s. Frustrating to watch because I know how much better he would be if he hustled.

Steven Goertzen - B+ Part of the Falcons best overall line this season with Frischmon & Tarnasky. Not going to give you a ton of offense, but works hard and was a huge factor in why the Falcons had the 3rd best PK in the AHL.

Tomas Kubalik - A- Led the Falcons in scoring as a rookie. Uses his long limbs well. Battles in the corrner for pucks much better than at the start of the season. Overall, a very impressive player that could have accomplished even more if Riley was not line bouncing him the last 3 months of the season.

Trevor Firschmon - A The true captain and leader of the team. Plays will all heart. Created most of the Falcons SH oppurtunities this season. And leader of the PK unit.

Kyle Neuber - C- Missed most of the season due to injury and was healthy scratched for most of the games after that. Mediocre fighting skills. Willing to take on the big fighters, but it normally does not end well for him.

Wade MacLeod - C Looked OK in his month long stint with the Falcons. Did not stick out though as being a 1st or 2nd liner on a good AHL team.

Nikita Filatov - C Nikita shows flashes of his offensive greatness, but lacks the ability to finish. Then there are games he is literally falling over himself numerous times. If he can focus on the game and not the lifestyle it will help him next season. If not, I don't see him with a future playing in North America.

Nick Tarnasky - C+ Worked well on the Frischmon-Goertzen line. Hard working and decent speed for a checker. His fighting ability is not nearly as good as Falcons fans want to believe. He lost most of his fights this season and was overmatched a lot.

Kyle Wilson - A- Only played about a month here in Springfield but was the best offensive player all season. Would have loved to have him around for a full season to see what could happen. He has a good eye for the play, being a vet helps I guess.

Petr Kalus - D- No hustle. Most games he played I barely noticed him on the ice. He did not show me anything worth mentioning. He was scratched the last couple weeks of the season. Pretty sure Riley had seen enough. On a good note, at least CBJ did not give anything up to get him.

Denny Kearney - B+ Good chemistry with Atkinson. He can score, make plays and even had the best fight of the Falcons season. I am realy hoping Columbus offers him at least an AHL contract.

Trevor Smith - C+ Put up some offense in the few games here before going down with an injury for 6 weeks. Post injury his offense was spotty and often times he looked disinteresed. Maybe that is his normal look...


Nick Holden - A The most steady and NHL ready d-man. Not going to give a lot of offense. He is the d-man I want out there ES and on the PK. Plays his position well, good stay at home d-man.

Jonathan Sigalet - C A tale of two halves for Sigalet. He started the season off not playing well and out of position a lot. Overall sloppy play. Things started to turn around for Sigalet after the All-Star break. Seems to have found his confidence and I know he was a leader in the locker room to the younger d-men.

David Savard - B+ The biggest suprise of the season for me. I was not overly impressed by Savard when the season began. He worked hard and lost some weight which really helped his game overall. He loves to shoot from the circle and most of the his goals will come from that area. He has improved his defensive game as well. He is rarely caught out of position.

John Moore - C Another case of a tale of two halves. Moore started out the season as one of the best d-men on the Falcons. He had decent positioning and would sometimes get caught when joinig the offense, but had been getting better about choosing his spots. He was playing against the opposing teams best lines. Then came the 2nd half. After returning from his call-ups to Columbus he started to re-gress and at times looked like he did not know what to do. His attempt at checking is not good at all. Needs to add muscle this summer. I can't say if he bought into all the hype around him during the All-Star game and call-ups or not, but it would not be shocking if that had something to do with it. Also, he LOVES to play offense, I mean he litteraly will be a wing on plays a lot as of late. Wonder if there is a chance CBJ would try him up there if his defense slides more next season (and I am hoping he improves of course!). Ended up with the worst +/- in the entire AHL at -27, which teammate Trevor Smith has...not a great honor for the team.

Mike Commodore - F Why, just why? Hustle is foreign word to Mike. Not a fan of his influence on the younger players either. I get he did not want to be here. Best way to get out is play hard so someone else wants you. Just a suggestion.

Theo Ruth - C- After a decent start to the season being paired with John Moore he seemed to stall in his progress. Does not have great speed.

Cody Goloubef - D Started the season with OK games. Was scratched for a period of time due to too many d-men here. Once he was back in the lineup he had lost his confidence. He looks lost on most plays. Has a tendency to stand around the goal and not make a play. Hopefully he puts this season behind him and comes back with confidence.

Brent Regner - C Good 3rd pairing d-man. Better 3rd line winger. When the Falcons had too many d-men Regner was put on wing and his offensive abilites came out.

Anton Blomqvist - B Only played a few games, but has good speed for such a big man. Needs work on checking and fighting if he wants to fight. I think work on those and he could be a good shut down d-man in the AHL next season.


Paul Dainton - B Solid most games. Likes to travel to play the puck and even has a good shot (had a SOG in Worcester haha). Weak on the 5 hole at times.

David LeNeveu - B- Average season. He played very well for a few games. Had some very weak games too. Most nights he was not going to steal a game for the Falcons. High shots were Lenny weakness.

Allen York - A- Good glove side. Needs to work on his positioning. But, he is new to the pro game, so like Dainton am willing to give him time to adjust. Good guy off ice too. Also very complimentary of his entire team.

Gustaf Wesslau - C- Weak glove. That glove will give me nightmares.. Him timing is also off. He is behind the play, so his movements always are too late. Might be he just is not adjusting to the North American game.

I know people will not like/agree with some of my grades. Just my opinions though and any questions and critiques are welcome.

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