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04-12-2011, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
that's not really true...

Rangers fans were all too happy to see Gomez go, and that was after two seasons that were far better than anything he's done for us.

I think it's perfectly normal for a fan base to be upset with their highest paid player contributing as little as Gomez has.

If anything, it's somewhat surprising how LITTLE flack he's received the past 2 seasons... it's almost as if people would prefer to focus on the positives, as small as they may be, as a way to cope with the painful reality that we're pretty much stuck with him for years.
I'm actually surprised that he's been let off so easily to be honest. I thought the fans would've roasted him.

I remember Bryan McCabe getting run out of Toronto on a rail. Then again McCabe would actually blatantly hurt the team with his spectacularly poor defensive play so...

Anyways, like I said earlier... it's the playoffs. Gomez can redeem himself here. He needs to step up.

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