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Originally Posted by BwayBshirt View Post
Most people here...myself not included...don't like the Post. That's the main reason for the Brooks' dislike.

Yet, as others have said, he's the only guy who consistently gives an opinion & isn't just doing recaps of games. For that, I respect him. Don't always agree with him, but respect him.

OTOH, I do think that Spector from the Daily News has potential to be a solid beat writer for the Rangers, but unfortunately his paper gives almost as little attention to the team/sport as the Times.
I buy the post and on Sunday I get both the Post and the Daily News. We are creatures of habit. While most papers nowadays treat hockey with so much disrespect, at least the Post gives you some Hockey to read. The Daily news up until last week treated Hockey as if it was non existent. A 4"X4" article is all you could expect. I think the Editors are cutting down on space more and more. Brookes has some leverage with the Post and at least he gets his 2 columns in every week were as Spector doesn't. He does have an opinion. Like you said sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't. At least there is something written and it makes the sport reliant.

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