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I'll tell you a goon story when I was young in the all Ontario playdowns . We were playing a hated rival town(this was AAA hockey)at there rink. We are up 3-2 with about 50 seconds to go. I'm in the box for fighting(yes a different Now the box has me, the time keeper(he's in his 50's) and the other player,all in a row,no glass separating us. So,they drop the puck and the homer time keeper does not start the clock! My coach see's this and is screaming at the referee to no avail. He then yells at me to get him(time Keeper) to start the clock. So I tell him to start the clock and he is looking straight ahead ignoring me. So, (the Goon I just pound him,knock him of his stool and try to start the clock. Meanwhile, the other player(the real goon!) jumps me and we star going at it in the penalty with me still trying to start the clock! It was chaos as you could ( and we did win!)
Later, that week the coach and I had to explain our actions and our love for hockey to the league commish. I got a couple games and the coach got

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