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04-12-2011, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... He could have just said no, and left it at that? He was just being an ass.
Now I really don't like Murray, for SOOOOO many reasons.

However I doubt he was just being an ass with the second 'no'.

Just a preliminary thought about why he would pause and then say no again, conjures up so many possibilities as to why he would do that.

The two at the forefront:

He says no. Then he thinks about elaborating on why, decides against it, and says no again instead, since he was already backed into the corner of saying more after no by then clearly thinking about it.

The more likely answer, imo, is that he said no, then thought about tempering that with something like you all wanted him to say, like "well it Quick isn't so sharp, then yes", but then remembered he needs to keep his confidence in Quick sky high, so decided against saying anything else, and instead, just no.

I doubt it was for dramatic effect... not Murray's style.

He's also old and slow and stupid. So he might have said no, then forgotten what the question was, then remember, and said no having forgotten he just answered it.

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