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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post

reading comprehension problem?

he's a 3rd/4th line center. who the hell wins a cup with their 3rd or 4th line center?

i'll repeat it again, NOBODY is saying that he's a replacement for our two current first and second line center (pleks + gomez) or even our future first or second center (eller). he is what he is and he's doing a better job than most 3rd or 4th line center in the nhl right now

ah **** it, you're hopeless...

edit: actually, you say that there are 'too many flaws in his game'. first of all, besides the fact that i don't agree that there 'too many' flaws in his game, there certainly are, but not that many.

so after 40 odd game, you have decided that he will never improve on those supposed flaws?

you're the kind of fans that will ask for guys like dags or s.k. to get traded because of some imaginary or real flaws that you see, then complain right after they're traded that we should have kept them.

i also like the bit about getzlaf and richards. hindsight is 20/20 and a lot of teams missed the boat on those players.

what's next, you're gonna blame the habs for missing out on datsyuk, or trading leclaire?

can't have it both ways
nope I blame the Habs for having the player they need to potentially fill a role and dont use them at all and then he flourishes elsewhere

fk hindsight ...its poor management buddy

I wanted Dags on the bottom 6 to chip in with 15 goals but we dont use him
he my of overachieved with the Blues ...but man we could use him now

I have preached for years trade Komi ...he is garbage leaching of Markov

we could of got the moon ...we loose him for nothing knowing he was gone

ditto for the patch job we did 2 years ago ....if you knew most were not coming back ...move some bodies for something ??? picks whatever

now we have Eller ... a solid up and comer and we give him a cup of coffee for who
DD ?

White cant play for us on the fourth line because Pyatt is on the verge of what
stardom ? WTF

Your third line center is Malholtra ....Draper ....gritty 2 way forwards who shut you down ....kill penalties .....chip in with some goals ...and anchor your defensive roles

not DD who are small ....mainly finesse players who can chip in but disapear for 10-15 game streches where they do nothing to help you like you are seeing now

not on a team of midgets who have size issues ....give me a break

he is the MAB of forwards ...a situational role player who needs the right mix ....we dont have it ......its like having 2 Mark streits on your team and you trade for mike Green ....wrong you trade for Hall Gill and Keith Aulie to work with Streit

what solid team has a DD on their bottom 6 ? no one

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