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04-12-2011, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Preds Partisan View Post
Unfortunately they usually don't list the games and which channels until gameday. Sometimes it shows up in the morning of game day, but a couple of times it was like 6:00 p.m. before the schedule popped up. Technically they advertise 1st and 2nd round games, but Versus gets first crack and by the second round unless there is a goofy schedule were there are multiple games at the same time slot, Versus will carry all second round games. No extra charge for playoffs, although some cable "customer service" people think that CI coverage ends with the regular season if you have to call in with a problem. There are no dual feeds (usually) so you never know for sure which broadcast you get until you turn on the game.

So, the games will be on, but they do a crappy job of making it easy to know in advance which channels it will show up on.
Good to know. I just called Brighthouse here in Florida and they have no listing of the game at all and said CI is done for the season. They said the game is on TSN but they don't have access to that game via their programming. I guess I'll have to hope it's on CI tomorrow night. Sucks that I won't know until I get home tomorrow evening which will be close to game time. I hate not knowing. If it's not on I sure hope there are streams going on so I can catch the action so anyone with that info tomorrow would be greatly appreciated in case of an emergency situation.

I can't believe I go thru the entire season of watching games to not be able to see or know where a playoff game is going to be on TV. You think with all this technology it would be better by now. Love the uncertainty.

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