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04-12-2011, 11:12 PM
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I think that it is also possible to separate the two positions. We are so overloaded with talented young players right now that I believe we are on the cusp of becoming a great team and I credit DL with making us one.

TM served his purpose and now can move on to that retirement villa out in Los Feliz, spit out his dentures and start waving his cane at "those damned pesky youngin's that keep ruinin his daytime stories" for entertainment.

TM brought in a sound defencive system and we have adapted our style as a team toward playing within it. Other than that he isn't any good. That said, due to the loss of Kopitar JW and even SP he might just be the perfect coach for us to have for the playoffs. He will either way get his shot and if we win the cup this year then all is forgiven but, it still won't make TM a good coach, a lucky one for certain and sometimes that is just as important as being good but his best days are years behind him.

Like his memory.

Supporting TM is like rooting for the Zombie's in night of the living dead, its fun for awhile but when it gets right down to it you want to see something other than a bunch of idle drooling by old dead from the neck up has been's.

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