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10-14-2003, 11:26 AM
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I might be in the minority of Oiler fans on the board, but I don't think the Oilers would be interested in any goalie from the Thrashers unless his name started with an "L" and ended in "ehtonen", and heaven know we aren't prying him out of Atlanta.

As was mentioned before, Hurme could have been had for NOTHING (not even the waiver fee) at the Waiver Draft. Oilers management seems to be satisfied with it's goaltending depth (Salo, Conklin, Valiquette, Drouin-Deslauries for the future), and they wont take on guys who they feel make too much money as a starter (Dafoe) or a backup (Hurme). Nurminen might be of some interest (personally, I would love him on the Oil, not sure how management feels about him), but I think he means more to the Thrashers than what they'd get in return, which can be said about most of the goalies in the NHL; the goalie market is very slim.

However, since you seem to have a crowded stable full of young D men, naturally the Oilers would be interested in one of your up-and-coming blueliners. But I wouldn't expect any Comrie deal to include a goalie unless he's a throw-in (Hurme or Nurminen only, we already have an inconsistant veteran goalie who makes over $3 million )

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