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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Pierre Sevigny was successful in International tournaments. It doesn't mean anything. Pyatt is not gritty at all. That's his problem he's a grinder that doesn't have an once of edge in his bone. If only he was like guys like Dominique Moore and Mathieu Darche, guys that may not have the biggest mean streak but they win battles and they have that never die attitude, they make things happen. Not Pyatt. Because contrary to them he has zero hockey sense. The only thing he has is his skating. He reminds me of Jan Bullis: a little bit of this, a little of that, 100% useless. When he's in uniform it's a spot lost for someone more usefull and because of that the Habs are always weaker with Pyatt in the lineup.
When a guy is good at doing the little things, it takes a bit more effort to watch him to appreciate what he brings. But if you have a recording of the last game, take a look at this one play in the second period. Pyatt is the LW in the defensive zone. Unlike Pouliot, Pacioretty, Darche, AK46, Cammalleri, White and even Pacioretty, he knows EXACTLY where to position himself in the defensive zone. Even though playing left wing, he positioned himself DIRECTLY in the slot, slightly RIGHT of center while the puck was on our RH boards. The puck then came out toward a Toronto player in the slot, but Pyatt was able to grab it, then made a quick stickhandling move laterally/diagonally to his left toward the LW boards while protecting the puck, used his speed to pull away and start toward his blueline, then with his head up hit Yannick Weber with a perfect pass to spring Weber on a clear breakaway that should have led to a penalty or penalty shot.

Later, in the third period, killing a penalty, Pyatt grabbed a loose puck in the dangerous high slot area, started to clear it down the ice, but noticed Plekanec get a step on the defender at the blue line. Pyatt then changed his mind and instead safely and accurately hit Plekanec on the fly with a beautiful backhand pass that created the breakaway goal that effectively ended the contest.

Despite your unfounded assertion that Pyatt has little hockey sense, he actually has one of the best senses on the team among the wingers. What he does not have is Cammalleri's or Pouliot's shot or Pacioretty's size, or White's fists. This we all agree. But Pyatt in no way can be said to lack hockey sense the way Jan Bulis did or Benoit Pouliot does today.

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