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Originally Posted by golfmade View Post
The following selections are the selections made by myself as to how I see the 2011 NHL playoffs working out. They are solely my selections and I will take the full laughter as to if it doesn't pan out, but will take full credit if it plays out as I see it.

That said, here are ze picks:
Eastern Conference:
Caps over Rangers in 5
Sabres over Flyers in 7
Bruins over Habs in 6
Lightning over Penguins in 6

Caps over Sabres in 6
Bruins over Lightning in 7

Bruins over Caps in 7

Western Conference:
Canucks over Hawks in 6
Sharks over Kings in 5
Coyotes over Wings in 7
Preds over Ducks in 6

Canucks over Coyotes in 6
Preds over Sharks in 7

Preds over Canucks in 7

SC Finals:
Preds over Bruins in 7

I realize some of these are a stretch, but again, those are my picks.

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