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04-13-2011, 10:25 AM
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I still have problems with one side - I'm finally at the point where I can stop on the weak side in practice, but it is nowhere near natural for games yet. Things that are helping me (slowly but surely) are drills on one foot - one foot glides forwards/backwards, one foot inside edges, one foot outside edges. It seems to be forcing me to get the balance on that weak leg figured out. One foot stops, especially, (both inside and outside edge) are really helping me with the weak side stopping and just getting both feet equally involved in the stop in general. They're really hard, though! I've fallen on my ass quite a lot practicing those!

If you think something about the skate blade on that foot might be messing with you, you can check the level of the edges with a straightedge. But it's probably just that you need practice.

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