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10-14-2003, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
Yes, I agree. But I was answering to a post saying J-Bo might have ben rated higher than Nash by Columbus. In that case, why not trade for the #2 and wait for either Nash or Bouwmeester to fall to you?

You get a good player whatever happens.

It just seems like, by trading for the #1 guy, they were REALLY high on Nash. So yes, you are absolutely right in what you say but it just seems to further indicate to me that it was clear cut for MacLean: his guy was Rick Nash and no one else.

Again, this is pure speculation on my part. I don't know what went on, I have no insider info. I just know the end result is that MacLean moved up to #1.
It's not like MacLean didn't know who Florida would get - it was widely known that they wanted Bouwmeester. A condition of the deal he made was that he would not draft Bouwmeester, and Rick Dudley pitched a few picks to Atlanta to ensure that they wouldn't, either. He was gambling on doing better than Columbus the next season (he was wrong).

Trading for the second overall pick would likely have cost more than trading for the first overall pick. MacLean had the choice to give up little and take Rick Nash, stay put and gamble on both Nash and Bouwmeester disappearing, or give up considerably more, get the second overall pick, and take whoever Florida didn't.

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