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Originally Posted by Leslie Treff View Post
Are you sure that Larry Brooks is looking at these boards for inspiration? Or lifting material from a fan's blog? It's a pretty serious accusation.

I know all the beat writers that cover the team and I highly doubt that Larry is doing this. It may appear so, but there is only so much one can write about the team and someone out there has probably written about it before Larry, especially because he writes for a paper (which comes out hours after the actual article is written). It does not mean that he saw it and lifted it.

Several times when I have written an HF article, someone has said to me, "you took my stuff." But I did not even know they had a blog or knew and had not looked at it. Very few of the beat writers read fans' blogs except to see whether the blog is stealing their stuff (its fine to quote a small portion of an article but there has to be an attribution and whole swaths of the article are not okay to reprint without permission).

There is one particular blog that just takes everything written about the team and just basically reposts it. I know that this is a real problem and action has been considered. Whether that blogger will wind up in court remains to be seen.

Which brings me to the heads up I wanted to bring to everyone. Be careful about posting accusations of plagiarism by a major paper (or even a minor one). Its very different than making derogatory comments about a "public figure" (which all beat writers are). A word to the wise should end this practice. If it does not, please be aware that you are putting HF at risk by posting those kinds of accusations. Moderator please take the appropriate action and keep this in mind.
I'll edit my post to take out the accusations. It could be purely coincidental. But I know other bloggers have had issues with Larry taking material on more than one occasion. I don't want to drag them into this so I'll leave it at.

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