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04-13-2011, 01:14 PM
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what do we think about having a catch phrase for the pre-playoff picture.. kinda like u guys suggested before "it is what it is" .. then in the playoff picture with the playoff switch on we can write like our own creative tagline..

some examples (integrating some ideas you guys posted, to show how they would work):

before: pronger injured "it is what it is"
after: playoff switch on, pronger stealing puck "i eat pucks for breakfast"

before: lavy disappointed "it is what it is"
after: playoff switch on, lavy punching leino "pound the ******* body"

before: richie partying with girls "it is what it is"
after: playoff switch on, richie celebrating a goal "Score!"

I dunno, just an idea to link everyones avy but make them unique and incorporate the switch theme..

for these to work tho.. sumwhere, mayb under or around the switch, "playoffs 2011" would haveto be integrated like the logo from last yr (2010 playoffs).

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