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Originally Posted by YesSir View Post
You are welcome

Could you tell me how the German youth hockey is organised? For a small country like Denmark, the tournaments for U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17 are divided in an Eastern and Western part, with a playoff (a week-end) for the best teams. That way the traveltime for games are reduced considerably. Is it the same in Germany with "regions" where the best teams teams promoting to a playoff?

Sometimes there are players who scores an incredibly amount of goals/points, how is this possible? I suppose that there is a huge difference in level in the leagues, and some teams are getting a profound beating, or am i wrong?
I am not that familiar with the structure of German Youth Hockey so I am not sure if everything I'm gonna say about it is actually correct, and there surely are going to be a few holes in it. Maybe someone more knowlegable about it can correct or add some stuff. But here is what I know or think I know.

There is the "Junioren-Bundesliga" which is a league at the U20 level.
This league is divided into 2 regional groups, one for the northern teams and one for the southern. This season there wer 8 teams in the southern group and 6 in the northern. The 2 best teams of each group play a championship round to determine the champion.

However, probably the highest level of youth hockey in Germany is played in the DNL, which features the 10 best teams in Germany at the U18 level. There is no regional separation at this level but the quality of the teams does vary considerably. After the regular season where all teams play each other 4 times, the 8 best teams make the playoffs and play for the championship. This year was quite a surprise as 8th seed EV Landshut not only upset regular season champion Heilbronn, but went on to win the championship in the final against 4th seed Rosenheim. There are also lower tier leagues at the U18 level and I believe most of them are divided into regional groups, but I don't know how this is structured exactly. I think the 2nd tier league for U18 teams is the "Jugend-Bundesliga". Which is structured pretty much in the same way as the "Junioren-Bundesliga". 2 groups (North and South) and the 2 best teams of each group play in championship round to determine the champion. This year there were 8 teams in each group. I am not sure if there is some sort of relegation system between the "Jugend-Bundesliga" and the DNL.

At the U16 level there is the "Schüler-Bundesliga" which is divided in 4 regional groups, 2 in the north with 6 and 8 teams respectively. and 2 in the south with 6 teams each. At least that's how it was this season. I am not entirely sure how the champion at this level is determined.

I have no idea how things are organized for the younger kids. I think the regional federations are in charge there and it is very difficult to find information on that.

When it comes to the incredible amount of points some kids put up, you are correct that there are always some teams that get pounded pretty much every game, beacuse there are not that many teams with really competitive youth programs. And at some point the best players at each level are usually found playing on the same teams. When you look at the stats of the "Schüler-Bundesliga" and see that 2 players put up a total of 398 points between them, when one of them played 30 and the other 29 games, that is quite insane. But if you compare it to past seasons, those still are impressive numbers.

I hope this helped a little, and hopefully someone else can correct any mistakes I made or add something useful.

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