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04-13-2011, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by JD SabreFan View Post
The general consensus here is that is indeed how things are in Philly. I told a few people that we're going there on Saturday and here were the replies:

"Yeah.. good luck with that man, one of their crazy ass fans might be looking for a new bottom *****"

"Well, it was nice knowing you."

"Can I have your jersey since it'll be ruined there anyway?"

"Being murdered less than a month before graduation would SUCK!!"

"You should probably bring a weapon"

and best of all,

Mom: "Johnny, you're my only child.. why risk it? If they're anything like Eagles fans, you're asking for it"

Yeah I am sure there are bad apples in every bunch, just be respectful and you'll be fine, don't let people scare you away from the best NHL atmosphere south of Canada. Granted it'll be opposing energy, but you'll get to see it first hand. If there was a Saturday game in Buffalo, my friend and I would be making the trip there as well. At no point should you ever walk into a stadium feeling unsafe, there are security guards and plenty of staff there to maintain the situation should anything go wrong.

So before we jump on our own selves and perpetuate a stereotype, welcome them in, I highly doubt neighborhood dive bars were on their list of destinations, and don't foresee anything bad happening. Yeah, I mean I wouldn't fly colors on your car, but stupid little unaccountable destruction goes on in every city regardless, its an anonymous crime and that empowers people, I mean, we didn't set cop cars on fire after the Flyers won any of their rounds.

In conclusion, ignore the hype, know that your not in Buffalo, and be nice, you will be fine.

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