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04-13-2011, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Atoz View Post
Not true at all. I love the Post but hate Brooks with a passion.

Really? In the old days Brooks covered the islanders when Hugh Delano was the number one hockey writer for the Post and covered the Rangers. Brooks inherited the Rangers by default.

Brooks was so buddy buddy with the islanders they gave him the Stanley Cup for a day when they won.

He's been a notorious Ranger hater ever since. I've said this here before. After the Rangers won in 94 he wrote a negative column in the Post the next day. Always looking for the angle to wrote something bad and make trouble, like the Gaborik column last week.

I still say that one day I'm going to catch him alone and shove that crummy leather jacket up his a**.

I don't recall Brooks writing a negative column the day after the Cup win. I have the that edition in my office...I'll have to pull it out. I take Brooks with a grain of salt, he is knowledgable, he does call out the NHL and NHLPA when they need it, but he also throws so much ***** against the wall he reminds me of Al Strachan

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