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10-14-2003, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Anksun

If it would be just for fun. Like the allStar breakaway game. Ribeiro could be considered (i'm not joking) but not in a game-winning situation, he's not ready. Lemieux is the complete package by far.

Why would I consider Ribeiro? Because i have NEVER see a more beautiful move than what he does in minor. I have seen a video where Ribeiro and Lecavalier were taking breakaway (at the allstars game) on a younger Luongo (not sure) and Ribs was just... heck! I have not understand how he was doing that yet!! Luongo was out of his goal which is quite something on a breakaway...
Exactly my point. Even tough I was a little bit ironic about Ribeiro being the best penalty shot player to put when the game is on the line but still, I've seen him do some crazy moves in practice (I know it's just practice but the other players on his teams couldn't come close to doing what he was doing...). And yeah that skill competition between Lecavalier and Ribeiro was something to remember. Ribeiro burn the goalie (I'm not sure it was Luongo?) and the crowd was just simply stunned. On the next penalty shot, Vinny try to pull Mike's trick and just looked like a damn fool. Great moment for the LHJMQ.

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