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Originally Posted by JR#9
1)as you just pointed out Hamr wants a new longterm, Big $$$ deal before the new CBA.That's his motivation and one that Isles ownership will not share with them likely having alot more power post- new CBA.If they don't give it to him it is very likely that the new UFA age will be lowered in return for some form of a cap/tax so that situation is far from resolved.

And if Hamr gets to UFA status and other teams are free to bid on him what are the chances of him returning to LI??Slim to say the least.

2)Yashin is 30 yrs old, Parrish turns 28 this yr Hamrlik 30 this yr, Ninnimaa 29 this yr as well as Jonsson and Aucoin also being 30yrs old and not being locked up longterm.

This is a win now team and isn't built for 3-4 yrs down the road when a guy like Rick would be entering his prime and of all the guys you listed maybe Nilsson has high upside.The other guys are marginal guys.

3)Luongo is the real deal and say what you want about his record but the only reason the Panthers were not dreadful last year with a very, very young team and makeshift defense was because of Luongo.He is living up to what he was projected to be while Rick still needs to do so.

4)The Isles could not afford to trade a guy like Spezza with his LOW salary and HIGH upside as well as trading Chara to bring in Yashin and give a restricted free agent the longest, most lucrative deal in NHL history, as well as it accounting for 1/4 their payroll thus limiting them to make moves for playoff pushes like picking up the one and only Randy Robitaille or the huge UFA signing of the summer to solve the massive holes on Yash's wing by bringing back the Polish Prince.
1.Once more.Hamrlik is is rfa next summer.Not a ufa.He is pushing for the extension.Isles will either sign him to a deal or trade him to team that thinks it's a serious contender.BTW, I've read several posts that Brewer who's a rfa next summer, is expected to ask for a $4m a yr deal.While asking how long Hamrlik's gonna be an nyi beyond this yr,I think it'll be interesting to see how the Oilers respond to Brewer's request for his first big $ contract.

Parrish turned 26 Feb. 2003.
Hamrlik turned 29 in April 2003.
Niinimaa is 27.
Jonsson turned 29 a few weeks ago.
Yashin turns 30 next month.
Aucoin turned 30 in July 2003.

Most of these players you mention are entering their prime and 2 yrs removed from a 94 pt season.The defense is better,but the goaltending weaker.

3.Luongo also has played almosty 200 nhl games compared to DiPietro's 32/33.that edge in experience is huge.Still I like DiPietro gaining experience behind a talented,veteran defense.

The prospects upside depends on who's opinion you listen to/respect.
One month before the 2003 draft,K. Woodlief was raving about the huge Russian E. Tunik,writing that readers should not be surprised if a team took Tunik in the 1st round.Isles took him with the 2nd rounder that came over from Edmonton in the Niinimaa deal.

Kallur likes Chernky's offensive upside as much as Nilsson's and the isles are high on kids like Gervias,Weinhandl and Bergenheim.

4.Yashin makes $8.5m this yr.That will account for roughly 1/5 of the payroll.A lot yes,but preferably to seeing the nyi play in front of 5,000 fans in a 16,200 seat arena.

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