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Originally Posted by hof2120 View Post
ALL JERSEY TALK HERE - Bro, that's the wrong font

What's wrong with that? talk about whatever kind of jerseys you want. unless im missin somethin. this is america. none of us on here represent a sales position or company in the jersey market. were just talkin about how good or crappy certain jerseys are. there are no regulations on an internet forum pertaining to clothing. if there are, im done. that would be gay. i dont want to be told i cant discuss jerseys that aren't directly profiting the NHL machine. as much as i love the NHL. Their newer jerseys are crappy and grossly overpriced. regardless of how much they cost to make. (Which is nothin, by the way) ......just pulled the bug out of my ass................didnt realize you said FONT. oh well. lest anyone from another country disagree, this IS america!

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