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04-13-2011, 10:25 PM
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Sports Illustrated Flyers Article

Don't really know what's up with the writers over at SI, but this is like the 3rd or 4th article they've posted about the Flyers so far this season. I have a subscription now but got it on and off over the past couple years and can only guess that they didn't have 3 articles related to the Flyers for the better part of that time.

Anywho, I checked around the board and didn't come across any post relating to this article and I figured I'd share it with those who haven't read it yet.

Flyers article link

Time To Bury The Bullies
A Flyers Cup would at last end that '70s glow in Philly

"The teams that won in the 1970s," says Clarke, now the Flyers' senior vice president, "have kind of been hanging over our teams here a long time."
The Broad Street Bullies and Philadelphia might be the sweetest of sporting love affairs. Has any professional team cast a longer shadow in its city?... Philadelphia ... well, it decidedly has not moved on. It is not always sunny in Philadelphia, but it is always 1974 and 1975 at the rink.
Oooh an Always Sunny reference, how original
You have to look at the timing of it relative to the emotional needs of the city in that era," says Bill Clement, who scored 21 goals for the 1974--75 team. "The city was New York's ugly stepsister, and people here were tiring of it. Philly was a tough town, a little rough around the edges. This is a town that still says 'Screw you' to your face, and that's the way our team was. I don't think there's ever been [such] a dovetailing of a team's style ... [and] the fabric of its city
If sentiment matters as much as sedimentógrit is an essential playoff attributeómaybe you should root for favored Vancouver to become the first Canadian-based Stanley Cup winner since 1993 or for Pittsburgh to welcome back Sidney Crosby, still recovering from a concussion, on its way to a championship. But a Philadelphia title surely would be the most liberating, providing closure on a hockey era that, given the current outcry over head shots, deserves finally to be tucked away in the foot locker of memory.
Bob (the Hound) Kelly, who works in Flyers community relations: "We've been honored, thanked, pedestaled. It's time. New blood."
The Flyers'. Not the other team's.
So I thought it was a decent read but nothing new or any real controversial opinions. Not really surprised to see a Flyers article that centered around the 70's teams as it's an easy write, but I did see why they'd write about them with the tie-in on how they played to how the NHL wants its game played safer today.

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