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04-14-2011, 09:10 AM
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I dont mind stopping dekes at stick n pucks...what I do mind is when people rush non-stop one after another, all doing their slow little dekes up to the net. Those after awhile I just stand there and let them do their little dekes with their head down - and when they finally shoot and put it in the net and look up and I didn't move, they SHOULD get the hint.

If it gets bad enough to where everyone is just dekeing(which can happen alot) Ill say something and if nothing changes just leave early, cause get this, Im tired from stretchin out from the non-stop breakaways.

Thats just me of course, I am sure there are some goalies that love the deke fests at stick n pucks. Anytime I actually go to one now with goalie gear I am hopin for a scrimmage to break out.

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