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04-14-2011, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Cowboy Dan View Post
Pretty flawed logic. It sucks to see someone separate their shoulder on a clean hit and not get a PP for it as well, but obviously it happens numerous times throughout the playoffs. I personally cannot see how anyone can think that is a penalty, or how anyone can think that the Penguins were favoured in the reffing column in this game. I'd say the reffing favoured the Bolts, if anything, no matter the number of penalties or not.

As for the St. Louis situation, as has been said before, he got caught falling in an awkward position and unfortunetely got hit by Michalek's stick. If St. Louis is standing and this happens, whether it's intentional or not, obviously we see a 4 minute penalty. But given the circumstances, a no-call there is absolutely correct, in my opinion.
Have to correct you on that. Michalek was swinging his stick wildly, lost control of it and it hit St.Louis in the face drawing blood.
Michalek should have been given the penalty and extra for the blood.
Regardless of where St.Louis is, Michalek lost control of his stick.
Alot of penalties Tampa took were their own fault, but there were alot of penalties that were questionable from what i saw. Pens got away with more than Tampa did, plain and simple.

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