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Originally Posted by Hockeygirl2748 View Post
First up the fowards...

Cam Atkinson - A Impressive in the few games he played for the Falcons. He had good speed and always is going hard to the goal.

Trevor Firschmon - A The true captain and leader of the team. Plays will all heart. Created most of the Falcons SH oppurtunities this season. And leader of the PK unit.

Nick Tarnasky - C+ Worked well on the Frischmon-Goertzen line. Hard working and decent speed for a checker. His fighting ability is not nearly as good as Falcons fans want to believe. He lost most of his fights this season and was overmatched a lot.

David Savard - B+ The biggest suprise of the season for me. I was not overly impressed by Savard when the season began. He worked hard and lost some weight which really helped his game overall. He loves to shoot from the circle and most of the his goals will come from that area. He has improved his defensive game as well. He is rarely caught out of position.

Anton Blomqvist - B Only played a few games, but has good speed for such a big man. Needs work on checking and fighting if he wants to fight. I think work on those and he could be a good shut down d-man in the AHL next season.


I know people will not like/agree with some of my grades. Just my opinions though and any questions and critiques are welcome.
It will be interesting to see what the team looks like next October.
With the new schedule format they will have more rest and practice time so we may see some better development.

You pretty much summed it up nicely as far as the players are concerned so I will just a couple of comments.

Cam Atkinson: It would be nice to see him start in Springfield next year, but if he has a good camp he may be able to stay with the Jackets. Very quick skater, and has a nose for the net.

Trevor Frischmon: He was my favorite player all season long. He always gave everything he had every time he was on the ice. There were games where it seemed like he was the only one that showed up to play.

Nick Tarnasky: You are so right about his fighting ability He was willing to go with anyone, he just can't fight on skates. He always loses his balance when he throws a punch.

David Savard: The one thing that stood out to me, especially later in the season, is he always gets his shot through to the net! I can't remember the last time I noticed one of his shots being blocked. That is a very good attribute to have especially on the power play.

Anton Blomqvist: One other thing he needs to work on is his puck moving. He handles the puck like it's a live grenade when he gets it on his stick in the defensive zone, he can't wait to get rid of it. I am hoping a few more games will help him to relax when he has the puck, and make better decisions.

I think York could turn out to be the best of the goaltenders. Leneveu had some good games, but there also games where he looked very average. Both Wesslau and Leneveu ended the season with a save percentage below .900. Some of that is on the defense but not all, and they need to be better than that if the Falcons want to win.

Like you these are just my opinions.

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